The Malayali Tribe { 34 images } Created 27 Mar 2018

The scenic Jawadhu hills covered with forests and situated in the Eastern Ghats in Tamilnadu, are home to the Malayali tribe. The Malayalis depend predominantly on agriculture for their livelihood. Nearly half the population depends on farm labour for their daily wages. During the lean period in agriculture, seasonal migration to nearby cities and town is high. Some even take up high risk and high paying jobs like sandalwood felling in neighbouring states. Migration has a direct consequence on families, particularly young children. The Forest Department has set up hostels and forest schools to enable children from migrant families to continue their studies. Children whose homes are deeper in the forests also enrol in these hostels. Despite such efforts, children's learning outcomes are extremely low, eventually leading to high dropout rates. Lack of good education has a direct impact on employment opportunities and income levels. The beautiful hills belie the underlying poverty and lack of development in the area. In this collection I have tried to explore and present a slice of life of the Malayalis.
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