Music, Colour and Expression { 42 images } Created 14 Mar 2019

Performing arts has always held a fascination for me. As a child I yearned to learn Bharatanatyam, the South Indian traditional dance. However my parents felt uncomfortable with the idea suugesting that one cannot pursue it beyind a certain age. I ended up learning to sing and to play the veena. But the fascination for dance forms and all sorts of theatre that needed expression, intricate footwork, extensive makeup, exaggerated actions and graceful movements has remained. Here's a humble collection of my favourite images, that showcase not only moments during a performance but what goes behind the scenes and what is it like to be an artist - the hours of disciplined work and effort that it takes to entertain. I have also included images from an Irula tribal village in Thiruporur, Tamilnadu, where I was part of an impromptu musical session which gave me as much joy and happiness as any staged performance. I hope to add more and more to this very personal collection.
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