Childhood { 45 images } Created 20 Nov 2018

My photography always revolves around the world around me. The immediate layer of life around me - my children - are prime subjects! While I have thousands of moments and portraits tucked away in drives which I revisit over and over to relive those moments, there are some images that speak the language of light and perspective. They convey a certain meaning or add a layer of emotion. I'm sharing some of those images which I shot over the years, and continue to cherish. Most of these images have been shot on iPhone and some on the humble Nikon D90 and Nikon D750. I believe the tools in themselves are very limiting. It is the ingredients like light, expressions, the right moments, interesting ideas that make an image. I would like to believe that these images convey the spirit of childhood, through my eyes, as a mother and a photographer. As a viewer you might interpret the images in a different way. Many of these are not "perfect" or "pretty" images. But I do hope you enjoy these images as I do.
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