Aadi festival of the Irulas { 34 images } Created 25 Aug 2019

The images here were shot at the Maariamman temple of Serukkanur, on the occasion of Aadi Thiruvizha celebrated by the Irula tribals living there.

Aadi is a holy month as per Tamil calendar. It roughly falls around July-August. Every village typically celebrates it by getting together with their clans, visiting their respective family or clan temples and making kuzhu (rice and millet porridge) or pongal (rice and pulses). Many large villages also have celebrations at the temples of Goddesses. In many villages, walking on fire is an important event.

The Irulas of the tiny hamlet of Serukkanur seek the blessings of the Goddess Mariamman to protect them from diseases like measles, pox, and other illnesses which are usually asociated with this season. The event which ended with about 40 people walking on fire was a spectacle that drew more than 500 people from nearby villages. The Irulas were the main organizers, who took care of all the decorations, rituals and fire walking. The only family that resides beside the temple, which happens to be a non-tribal family, hosted a grand lunch and dinner for all the visitors. Many of these rituals are common to both tribal and non-tribal villages.
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