A day in the life of Irulas { 50 images } Created 12 Sep 2018

The Irulas are indegineous tribe of Tamilnadu. The images and stories presented here showcase those spread in pockets of rural Tamilnadu. The Irulas are one of the most marginalized communities of Tamilnadu. They have traditionally depended on hunting and foraging the forests for food and livelihood. However with forests dwindling and urbanization taking over, the Irulas are staring at a loss of known livelihoods. With a lack of good education, and hence a lack of resources and jobs, they are caught in a cycle of extreme poverty and deprivation. With more and more of them having to move to other occupations, they are also at the risk of losing foothold on their traditional knowledge of the forests and culture. Loss of livelihood and poor economic level has a direct bearing on their children's education. The learning levels among the Irulas is alarmingly low. In many villages, the highest educated person is a middle or high school dropout. Through this assignment I have tried to explore and present a slice of daily life of the Irulas.
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